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Legend of alien war immortal

Legend of alien war immortal

Gardenia cold in late autumn Mu Chen, the only fighting Immortal Emperor in Xianyu, died together with dark ancestor, reincarnated and reborn Lingyuan continent unexpectedly get the system binding, spirit beast? Monster? Demon? Anyone who obstructs his steps will be killed with one blow to achieve the highest physique God King? Jinxian? Only surrender!
Dark heart abyss

Dark heart abyss

The Wutong rain is better. After my sister went out to sell wine, father Gai began to clean up gaiwu first slap and fly, then jump in the air and kick your head there is no such beating of children in the world. It's just stealing a few pods. Is it worth beating to death however, this is not over yet father Gai, who was full of wine, picked up a half cut wooden stick and caught up with him to poke "poop..." stabbed into the heart like a stick or dagger at that m...

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