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National hero: only I can advance

National hero: only I can advance

National hero: only I can advance

Rating: 9 / 10 from 986 ratings
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    National hero: only I can advance
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    Sesame stick
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    Free Novel
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2023-03-01 00:20:33
Chen Mo, who developed the game, woke up and crossed into a world where the whole people inherited the hero template people who obtain the hero template can improve their level and template evolution by killing monsters to resist the invasion of the secret place Chen Mo found that these hero templates came from the games he developed, but they lacked the advanced system he had just developed only through continuous upgrading can the real power of the hero template be opened Chen Mo, who has the advanced information of heroes, has already entered the advanced secret realm early to fight against various Lord level monsters through continuous upgrading when others are still trying to kill low-level monsters and difficult to upgrade until one day, Chen Mo, who has completed the ultimate advanced stage, looks up and finds that there is a broader world above the stars.

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