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I m a pirate beating the king

I m a pirate beating the king

I m a pirate beating the king

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    I m a pirate beating the king
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    Listen to the sea say the wind
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-03 20:39:26
The working social animals crossed the different world and were lucky to be cultivated by golden finger. They brought their own system I thought that the next step was a familiar formula. It's no wonder that the routine with the system, golden finger seemed a little useless and when he opened his eyes haiyuanli 1510 Lu Fei lost his brother for the first time, Just like ten years later, our protagonist is going to sea in 1511. He has no choice whether he is confused or pursuing. This vast sea can accommodate anyone. If there is no answer, go find it... follow the boat. Oh, the writer is because the protagonist makes me yearn, and those regrets make me sad

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