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Reborn as a tycoon in 98

Reborn as a tycoon in  98

Reborn as a tycoon in 98

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    Reborn as a tycoon in 98
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    Yi Yin
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    Hotel novel
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2023-03-18 15:41:54
On the eve of the college entrance examination in his previous life, Wei Yichen, who achieved excellent results, was badly hurt in order to save people. He not only missed the college entrance examination, but also made it worse for his already poor family. He chose to work to pay off his debts, and finally achieved nothing. He ended up sadly... this life again. He clearly said that I would be a dog if I did good deeds again, but he got a merit system, You must do at least one good thing every day, or you will be severely punished... in order to complete the task, Wei Yichen broke his heart: "I am a warm-hearted person and am very willing to help others solve problems; if others have no problems, create problems first and then help them solve them!"

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