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I really don t want to break the chapter

I really don t want to break the chapter

I really don t want to break the chapter

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    I really don t want to break the chapter
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    Shy Mr. cat
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    Canela books
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2022-05-21 03:48:11
(music + online writing, not full-time) cross the parallel world and awaken the negative emotional system in order to get negative emotions faster, Li he plunged into the entertainment world his novels are dedicated to popular characters, and countless readers cry angrily the songs he sang only made a small climax, driving tens of millions of fans crazy he is the natural enemy of wanghong. He publishes magic short videos and takes the road of wanghong, so that wanghong has no way to go he is a white-collar nightmare. He released a brainwashing Divine Song and created the era of square dance he... facing the reporter, Li He shouted that he was wronged "Dao Biyao, Dragon Knight, is not my original intention." "I have difficulties in singing half way." "believe me, I am a good man." - carry the system and conquer the cultural and entertainment world by relying on negative emotions Li He's purpose: drive crazy fans and feed myself (Note: this story is purely fictional. If you have any questions, please reward the alliance leader)

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