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My reborn copy is super easy

My reborn copy is super easy

My reborn copy is super easy

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    My reborn copy is super easy
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    Demon moon white fox
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2022-05-14 18:35:27
Bai Xun, who was not successful in middle age, was reborn in 2006 however, I found that there seemed to be something wrong with my reborn copy an ordinary father in his last life, he is actually the top 20 billionaire on the rich list in this life in my previous life, I was just the mother of ordinary workers. In this life, I am also in charge of my mother's huge industry a big star out of reach in his last life, he has been a childhood sweetheart of his neighbor for more than ten years it's like opening a copy of super benefits he doesn't have so many ambitions to struggle. in this life, he just wants to enjoy life and experience a different new life for example, build a rocket or something... tips before viewing: This article is a slow-paced daily plain text, not Shenhao

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