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Altman, believe me, I m a good man!

Altman, believe me, I m a good man!

Altman, believe me, I m a good man!

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    Altman, believe me, I m a good man!
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    Ah Shi is not handsome
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    Cool Novel
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2022-12-10 01:32:26
(starting from chapter 27, there is a little poison there. Incomplete statistics show that nearly 400 or 500 people have been poisoned. It is suggested to skip to chapter 90 and watch the final outcome of Dega directly!) dark circle: "!!!" what a strange darkness! I want to bind him Chen Xin burst into tears: "after so long, my hanging finally arrived!" in an instant, the dark ring in front of Chen Xin flickered, synchronized with Chen Xin's heartbeat. The next moment, the dark ring was silent dark circle: "!!" what is it? Is this light?! Let me go "..." Chen Xin... the first World: the game virtual diga world the second world: the super galactic legend of the country of light the third world: the Galactic world the fourth World: the AIX world of God's breath the fifth World: the orb world of the zombie country the sixth World: Jedi world the Seventh World: the hidden and mysterious rob world ... it has been These are all well conceived. It is guaranteed that all are wonderful. The normal world without prefix. I like innovation. Many related stories will be interspersed in it, which can ensure that there will be no collapse in the front of Rob world and you can give some suggestions in the back world... After all, it has not been conceived group number: 763992487 I'm not familiar with some settings. We can also talk about Altman in the group God said to have light, so there was Altman Hello, I'm ah Shi. I'll bring you a different wonderful by the way, I can infer whether I will finish it or not.

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