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Five elements and eight trigrams of chasing deer

Five elements and eight trigrams of chasing deer

Five elements and eight trigrams of chasing deer

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    Five elements and eight trigrams of chasing deer
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    Qingzhou Shichu
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-27 17:07:56
The story took place in about 18 years from 226 BC to 208 BC. In ten years, Qin Shihuang successively eliminated the six countries of Han, Chu, Wei, Yan, Zhao and Qi. However, Qin Shihuang was still militaristic, attacking the Huns in the north and Baiyue in the south. Ten years later, Chen Sheng and Wu Guangdeng shouted loudly, and the heroes rose together. The war against Qin soon spread all over the north and south of the river, and the six countries of Korea, Chu, Wei, Yan, Zhao and Qi sprung up one after another. In this context, nine beautiful girls appeared in the Jianghu. They represented the nine palaces of wind, fire, Ze, water, earth, mountain, thunder, heaven and middle, and performed the mathematical fate of the five elements and the nine palaces and eight trigrams together with the proud son of heaven; In addition, eight dolls representing Qiyao and Zhinv, together with the emperor of the same color of water and sky, performed the human love story; There are also star envoys and earthly women. The wind emperor who follows the wind has gone through ups and downs; In addition, five men with mountain, wind, Ze, thunder and soil characteristics have emotional entanglements with a dry woman. Relying on such influential figures as the eighteen princes of Xiang Yu, the eighteen horsemen, the eighteen yees, the eighteen Bureau men, the eighteen Xuanmen, the eighteen scattered men, the eighteen beasts, the eighteen Sheren, the eighteen princes of the early Han Dynasty, the three heroes of the early Han Dynasty and the three famous generals of the early Han Dynasty, the story shows the Jianghu style characterized by the Wulin struggles of the thirteen platforms, the twelve palaces and the twelve kings, as well as the strange door and hiding armor.

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