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I open an inn in the future world

I open an inn in the future world

I open an inn in the future world

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    I open an inn in the future world
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    I'm burnt
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2023-01-26 01:31:04
when you wake up, your soul goes through the parallel world What demons, ghosts and monsters, only you can't think of, it can't do without this world zombies, fierce ghosts, elves... These things appear together. That's it. You tell me it's a parallel world I believe your evil in this unspeakable world, I, Bai Chu, actually want to become the kitchen god who conquers the whole species Bai Chu can't wait to smash the system. How can someone else's system either help the host to the peak of life, or it is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a treasure chest? His system is like a two force goods with intellectual disabilities if you want food without food and skills without skills, you can exchange at most one kitchen utensil I can't cook. What's the use of a pot! Is it difficult? I can also let guests cook. I can't increase my experience alas, this can be but I don't have a normal guest in my shop brother zombie, this is an inn, not a steamed stuffed bun shop. I really don't sell steamed stuffed buns. Alas! How many times do you want me to say it this jellyfish aunt, the electricity in the shop is enough. Don't discharge any more. You're about to turn the chicken at the table next door into a roast chicken and this little sister in red, I really don't drink, and can you force me to drink without taking the wine you have drunk it's cold! Really cool ~ heart!

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