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The land after sunset

The land after sunset

The land after sunset

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    The land after sunset
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    A big rotten wood
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-05-19 00:53:28
Nearly a hundred years later, the world has ushered in an era of peace, with the population soaring to 10 billion in order to solve the problem of population residence, Dr. Skye, a talented scientist, led the implementation of the immigrant space program, which is expected to send 1 billion people to space life within 10 years originally the beginning of human good hope, but it has also become the beginning of a nightmare. On the day of the launch of the rocket, a storm sweeping the world suddenly came, and 90% of the creatures disappeared. however, strange things continue. Since that day, the sun no longer rises, the whole world is dark, and the bodies of some survivors have changed, giving birth to all kinds of powers. after suffering from disaster, human beings have helped each other from the beginning, fought each other for resources, and then a short-term peace, The earth looks like an apocalyptic scene and the protagonist Lin Tian is a little man who lives in the apocalyptic world and lives on boxing, but he is just an ordinary man. He can't beat those powerful powers. He is jokingly called "the strongest boxer in mankind" his biggest wish is to fulfill his father's last wish and find his own sister who was kidnapped and trafficked when he was young. Although he has been looking for many years, But there was no result it was not until Qianhuan, a power with the key to the world, entered his life that his life changed dramatically he gave up his identity as a boxer and began the counter attack of looking for his sister to fight the darkness all over the world when he wanted to find his sister to spend his life safely, he found the secret that the sun no longer rises. Are you content with the status quo or bring back the light as an ordinary person, how should Lin Tian make a choice in the end of this power?

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