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Super future travel guide

Super future travel guide

Super future travel guide

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    Super future travel guide
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    Running thunder like waves hitting snow
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2023-01-29 03:54:31
- Dear Mr. Balance Master, super future order civilization system serves you the basic information of the mission world is as follows. The information has been fuzzed and adjusted according to your preference. You can still click expand to view the details: civilization level: level 1.46 (the community of planetary interests has been realized and moving towards Galaxy civilization) gravity level: 6; (six times your standard planet.) atmospheric composition: it is recommended to bring your own oxygen collapse value: 15.9% (you have won the authority to suppress by force.) [main task: eradicate the vicious industrial chain of civilization] task level: the vicious industries breeding on this planet have exceeded the limit threshold. If there is no balance division and does not intervene, the collapse value is likely to rise further mission objective: to minimize or prevent secondary damage while destroying malignant industries task reward: 4.5 billion civilization points (rounded up or down depending on completion) you have arrived 15 natural days in advance. I hope you work smoothly and have a pleasant trip- although the system has provided me with detailed information before, I decided to visit the site half a month in advance. To understand the more subjective part of temperature that can not be expressed by cold data "the system plans the task route for me," - it has been adjusted according to your preference it is said that the BBQ technology of this civilization exceeds at least 0.5 civilization levels on earth, especially the unique triangular rhinoceros meat, which is at least five times the quality of A5 beef. I wiped the tears from the corners of my mouth and began to take another trip to save civilization.

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