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I accepted baokemeng

I accepted baokemeng

I accepted baokemeng

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    I accepted baokemeng
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    Plunder like fire
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    Wind Book
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2022-07-10 06:45:43
Inexplicably crossing into this world, Xia you comes to Guandu area with a larula Xiaozhi, Xiaoxia, Xiaogang, Pikachu, rockets, Dr. Oki... starting from quartz League, orange League, city alliance, Fengyuan League, Shenao League, United League, Carlos League, Arola League, and even Galer League, never stopped winning the championship the conspiracy of rockets, lava, ocean, galaxy, plasma, flash flame and skeleton will be stopped in the end Xiao Zhi: Xia you is my goal to surpass Sakaki: he has repeatedly ruined the great cause of our rockets. He is dangerous and must not stay Xiaoxia, Xiaoyao, Xiaoguang and Lili AI are all his admirers xiaoju'er and lulina are going to be his girlfriends even champion Zhulan will have children for him since the quartz alliance, the series of fairy baokemeng has carried too many memories of him, especially his youth now, with the dual identity of baokemeng trainer and institute assistant, what changes will Xia you bring to the world - at present: in the strategy of quartz Alliance... the main treasure of quartz alliance can dream: saneido, Spitfire dragon, genggui, Leibu, water arrow turtle and wonderful frog flower.

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