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Walker of the whirling world

Walker of the whirling world

Walker of the whirling world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4915 ratings
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    Walker of the whirling world
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    Fengcheng casual
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    Qishi Book
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a piece of parchment pulls Xin Ziqiu, a mathematical genius, into the mysterious whirling world here, he shuttles through different historical time and space and completes one dangerous task after another during the Jiayou period of the Northern Song Dynasty, he became brothers with the three heroes and five righteousness, fought for the injustice of the Tianbo Yang family, an orphan and widowed mother, participated in the luotian festival in Bianliang City, Tokyo, and traveled around the world with the Eight Immortals in Shangdong. in the Bourbon Dynasty, he lived and died with the musketeers, Wipe out the ghosts wandering in the continent of Europe together... in the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty... Florence under the rule of the Medici family... in the countries of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty... ... when he walked in the whirling world and experienced life and death, he found that his original earth was also facing a great crisis for all ages... and himself, It was involved in this vortex without choice life is like a feather, sex is like fire, and ten thousand Ge compete for flow. Who is the master of ups and downs let's see how this young man who is jealous of evil breaks through the world of mortals, breaks through many shackles with tenacious will and indomitable determination, and leads mankind to turn over life and death in danger this book is an overhead history article + urban magic article + mild mathematics history popular science article. I hope readers who like these elements can taste it.

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