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Rebirth 97: alternative real estate overlord

Rebirth 97: alternative real estate overlord

Rebirth 97: alternative real estate overlord

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    Rebirth 97: alternative real estate overlord
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    almost dead
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    Hotel novel
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2022-05-19 19:49:58
The real estate industry is an industry that has almost been demonized. In future generations, it has almost become one of the two spittoons in our country: it is called the two largest spittoons in China together with the national football team - --- it seems that no matter who can spit on it it is undeniable that although there are a lot of chaos in this industry, this industry has played an important role in the development of the whole national economy. Especially after 1998, when the state implemented the real estate system reform for more than 10 years, the real estate industry has been identified as one of the pillar industries of the whole national economy by the state as a civil engineering dog who graduated from a well-known 985 University in China, the protagonist Li Dakang happened to cross the Huixiang River on the eve of his return in this great era, Li Dakang is like a duck to water. While conforming to the trend, he keeps up with the pulse of the times, and makes use of his professional knowledge and some benefits brought by crossing, he has become a success in the real estate industry after more than 20 years of development, he inadvertently became a very alternative real estate overlord - let Huawei no longer be lonely in addition to Huawei, China also has Zhongchen founded by Li Dakang, which was evaluated by the whole world in the 1920s.

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